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The Patio Cleaner for ARXP high pressure washers is a tool that is designed to clean large outdoor surfaces in a simple and effective way. Thanks to the 360 degree rotation of the accessory’s two asymmetric nozzles, this brush can quickly remove dirt from floors, terraces, patios, porches, stairs and pool edges, providing a perfect result. The high pressure washer Mini Patio accessory cleans thoroughly and deeply but without attacking the material that it comes into contact with. This is why it is suitable for different types of surfaces, from stone and concrete to wooden surfaces. It is an accessory that is very practical to use and install. To use it, just connect it to the high pressure washer’s trigger gun through the lance extension that is supplied with the instrument. The compact and functional design also lets you complete the job with ease: its 25 cm diameter outer plastic shell prevents water from escaping, which would get you and the surrounding environment wetting.