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Innovation is the foundation for progress. In every area, we must always try to look to the future and offer solutions that improve people’s lives and reduce impact on the environment, while maintaining or even improving products’ effectiveness.


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The ARXP range includes all technologies available for reducing environmental impact. Use of less plastic, recycled paper packaging and optimisation of distribution are the line’s key characteristics.


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With the arrival of ARXP, the market is offered a high pressure washer innovative in every detail, totally different from all the rest, and with performance of true excellence.


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Using an ARXP high pressure washer is a genuine, enjoyable, useful experience. This website provides information, guidance and assistance for entering the future of high pressure washers.


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Up to 5-year warranty

For ARXP high pressure washers a 3-year warranty extension is available, in addition to the 2-year cover provided by law. So you can enjoy a total warranty of up to 5 years.


Unbeatable performance

In minimal size

A high pressure washer that provides the best performance in its class with the most compact design on the market. This is the challenge we set ourselves.


Two integral accessories compartments

Folding handle

Compact size: 25.8 x 27.2 x 35.7 cm

Large rotary switch

Vibration damping feet


Up to -85% Overall size*

Small size and light weight for products easier to transport and stow away.

* Compared to standard Annovi Reverberi high pressure washers of the same power


Up to 180 bar pressure

Pressure and flow rate as high as or exceeding those of top-of-the-range home & garden segment high pressure washers.

Conceived and Developed in Italy

All Annovi Reverberi products are conceived and designed in Italy by a team of experts working exclusively on research and development, feasibility studies, design and styling.
We’ve taken particular care over this last aspect for the ARXP BOX range, and achieved a high pressure washer totally different in shape from the others on the market.




ARXP high pressure washers allow effective, speedy cleaning of the home’s outside surfaces, including walls, doors, glazing and windows. The right accessories must be selected for the surfaces and materials to be cleaned.

Outdoor paving

The first step in perfect outdoor hygiene is paving and keeping it thoroughly clean. This will ensure that the outdoor environment is always clean and reduce the amount of dirt brought into the home. A high pressure washer is definitely the best tool for this job.

Garden furniture

A garden is well kept if its furniture, such as tables, chairs and loungers, is also well cared for. ARXP high pressure washers are the best tool for cleaning this equipment quickly.


To keep a motorbike in good working order and looking its best, it has to be washed often. A high pressure washer is very useful for this job, because it provides a perfect result in a short time. It’s just important to choose the right model.


A high pressure washer can be useful for maintaining the external walls of your home and other outdoor walls and facings in stone, vinyl, aluminium, steel, brick, plaster or wood. This cleaning may be part of routine care, or may be needed to prepare surfaces for repainting.


With ARXP high pressure washers it’s easy to remove mud, dust and debris that build up on gates, making them look unattractively grubby. 

Outdoor steps

Dirt, debris and leaves can also build up on outdoor steps, inevitably detracting from the home’s external appearance. The most effective, efficient solution for keeping them clean is an ARXP high pressure washer!

Swimming pools

A high pressure washer is the perfect tool for cleaning a swimming pool. ARXP can be used not only to wash the lining at the start of the season but also to clean the outside walls of above-ground pools. During the summer, ARXP can wash the edges to prevent dirt from ending up in the pool.


Paths, yards, balconies, terraces, gates, gutters, steps and walls: all these garden features need cleaning to remove the materials from the environment which build up on them. With ARXP high pressure washers, outdoor areas are soon clean and bright once more.


The ideal solution for cleaning these quickly and removing even the toughest, most inaccessible dirt is an ARXP high pressure washer.


Washing your car regularly is essential for keeping it in good condition. A high pressure washer is the ideal tool for bringing the shine back to your car!


A high pressure washer can be a great help for washing the hull and deck of your boat. It’s an effective solution, since this machine emits a high pressure water jet that can sweep away even the most stubborn dirt.


To ensure that porches and pergolas do their job properly they must be correctly maintained; the first step in this is the right kind of cleaning, using an AXRP high pressure washer.


Many people find gardening a relaxing, regenerating pastime. With ARXP high pressure washers, cleaning the tools required will be, too!


A high pressure washer is the ideal tool for removing large amounts of dirt in a short time. It’s therefore recommended above all for mountain bikes, because it can shift even the toughest mud deposits quickly and effortlessly.

Idropulitrici compatte e potenti

Idropulitrici potenti ed efficienti dal design compatto per una pulizia perfetta: scopri la nostra selezione di idropulitrici di qualità!

Le nostre idropulitrici sono dotate di potenti motori e pompe ad alta pressione, che ti permettono di rimuovere lo sporco più ostinato in modo rapido ed efficace. Nonostante la loro potenza, queste idropulitrici sono incredibilmente compatte e facili da maneggiare, rendendole perfette per spazi ridotti o per il trasporto.

Il design compatto delle nostre idropulitrici non compromette la qualità o le prestazioni. Abbiamo selezionato con cura modelli che offrono la stessa potenza e funzionalità delle idropulitrici più grandi, ma con un ingombro ridotto. Potrai ottenere risultati di pulizia sorprendenti anche nei luoghi più angusti, come balconi, terrazze o garage di piccole dimensioni.

Abbiamo una vasta selezione di idropulitrici dal design compatto, adatte alle diverse esigenze dei nostri clienti. Potrai scegliere tra diverse potenze, flussi d'acqua regolabili e opzioni di getti speciali per adattare la pulizia alle tue esigenze specifiche. Inoltre, le nostre idropulitrici compatte sono facili da trasportare grazie a maniglie ergonomiche e ruote resistenti.

La durata e l'affidabilità dei nostri prodotti sono una priorità assoluta per noi. Collaboriamo solo con i migliori marchi nel settore delle idropulitrici, garantendo la massima qualità e prestazioni a lungo termine. Ogni idropulitrice compatta è costruita con materiali resistenti e durevoli, per un utilizzo prolungato nel tempo senza compromessi.

Il nostro team di esperti è pronto a fornirti consigli personalizzati e assistenza nella scelta del modello di idropulitrice compatto ideale per le tue esigenze. Siamo qui per rispondere a tutte le tue domande e guidarti verso la soluzione di pulizia perfetta, che si adatti al tuo spazio senza sacrificare la potenza e l'efficienza.

Non perdere l'opportunità di ottenere risultati di pulizia professionali con le nostre idropulitrici dal design compatto. Visita il nostro sito web o vieni nel nostro negozio per scoprire la nostra selezione completa e le promozioni in corso. La tua soddisfazione è garantita, insieme a un servizio clienti affidabile che ti supporterà anche dopo l'acquisto.

Prepara la tua casa o il tuo spazio di lavoro con una idropulitrice compatta che unisce potenza e praticità per una pulizia perfetta in ogni angolo.

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