Innovation is the foundation for progress. In every area, we must always try to look to the future and offer solutions that improve people’s lives and reduce impact on the environment, while maintaining or even improving products’ effectiveness.

The heart of the ARXP range is an innovative, patented Annovi Reverberi technology: the DUAL system, which lets users modulate the high pressure washer’s performance depending on cleaning needs and the type of surface.

The basis of the DUALTECH (DTS) technology is the inclusion of two electric pumps inside the machine: it’s virtually like having two high pressure washers in one! Using one pump is right on delicate surfaces or in situations where large amounts of water are not required. Activating the “2 Power Units” mode, on the other hand, gives access to the power of both pumps, considerably increasing both pressure and flow rate to cope with particularly demanding jobs or extremely dirty surfaces.

The DUAL SPEED (DSS) technology allows the high pressure washer to be used in an “ECO” mode, at reduced power, in all cases where its full performance is not needed. This enables water and energy savings of up to 30%. However, when the situation requires it, the mode can be set to use all the high pressure washer’s power and tackle even the toughest jobs.

The DUAL technologies thus make ARXP products extremely versatile and enable them to deliver top-class performance in spite of their very compact size.