Warranty extension

Warranty extension

Purchasers of ARXP high pressure washers are offered a 3-year warranty extension, activated by registering the product on this page within no more than 30 days after the purchase date.

This extension is only valid for residents of the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Czech Rep., Switzerland, Ireland and Poland.

Moreover, it is only available to retail customers who purchase products solely for domestic use and does not apply to products used for business purposes.

No warranty extension is available for:

  • ARXP high pressure washers purchased with the VAT number or tax code of a business specified in the invoice
  • retail customers not resident in the countries listed above

These customers receive the legal warranty in force in the country where the product is purchased.

How to extend your warranty

  1. Fill in the form on this page within 30 days after the date of purchase of the product.
  2. Wait for the confirmation email at the email address you provided.
  3. If service is required, provide the Service Centre (see list here) with the original receipt (if you purchased your machine from a physical store) or the delivery note (for online purchases) and the warranty extension email.
  4. The Service Centre will check that the product was registered within 30 days of purchase by comparing the dates of the receipt and the warranty extension email.
  5. If everything is in order, you will benefit from extended warranty cover.
  6. If there are discrepancies in the dates, you will not receive extended warranty cover.

Warranty conditions

Annovi Reverberi S.p.A. guarantees the electric pump of the ARXP model high pressure washer against faults and defects in production and materials under the following terms and conditions. 

The warranty only applies to the electric pump and all its components.

If Annovi Reverberi S.p.A. confirms that a electric pump is faulty or defective during the commercial warranty period (3 years), warranty cover will be limited to one of the following, at the discretion of Annovi Reverberi S.p.A.:

repair of the faulty parts free of charge

replacement of the electric pump or the parts found to be faulty, free of charge

replacement of the product     

Limitations of Warranty Cover

Subject to the above provisions, the following are specifically excluded from this Warranty: 

  • electric pumps which have been in any way modified by the user or third parties
  • defects arising from normal wear and tear
  • defects caused by misuse or improper use of the machine
  • defects arising from poor maintenance

If an electric pump or any of its components is replaced under warranty, the said pump or component shall not be covered by a new warranty but only by any period of the old warranty still to run.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Warranty is subject to the law in force in the Consumer’s country of residence and only applies in European Union countries. 

Any dispute relating to the validity, interpretation or performance of this Warranty shall be submitted to the sole jurisdiction of the court competent for the Consumer’s place of residence.