AR for Annovi Reverberi, XP for eXPerience

The ARXP brand was launched in 2022 in response to the market’s new demands in recent years. Thanks to the experience gained in the cleaning sector and Annovi Reverberi’s trademark flair for innovation, ARXP is synonymous with outstanding performance, more compact size, greater environmental awareness and convenience. These are the guiding principles behind the creation of this new brand, which looks to the new challenges that await us in the future.


ARXP is the new high pressure washer brand that combines the top class performance of Annovi Reverberi high pressure pumps with smart, compact design, improving not only portability and convenience of use for the end user but also the entire product transport process, which thus becomes much more efficient.


Sustainability is central to this range: from reduction in the product’s overall volume to a massive decrease in the quantities of plastics used and packaging in recyclable paper.


ARXP includes the ground-breaking DUAL technologies developed and patented to improve performance, saving time and effort while simultaneously reducing the unnecessary use of precious water and energy resources.