Annovi Reverberi

“A Paris supermarket, a Los Angeles car-wash, a wheat-field to the south of Kyiv: they all have one thing in common, a product from the heart of Italy, an Annovi Reverberi pump”

Annovi Reverberi: a story of excellence

Annovi Reverberi is a specialist manufacturer of low, medium and high pressure pumps. The efficiency of the group’s products is grounded in the experience gained from sixty years in business, since Corrado Reverberi and Umberto Annovi founded Annovi Reverberi S.p.A. in Modena in 1958

The company initially focused on the production of diaphragm pumps for agriculture, adding industrial piston pumps in the Seventies. 

In the Nineties, the experience gained in the industrial sector enabled another step forward, with the introduction of the Cleaning Division for the manufacturing of high pressure washers. This segment has grown significantly over the years, in terms of both products and licensed brands, thanks to our ability to offer solutions that satisfy the market’s needs and the Annovi Reverberi group’s famously high quality.

AR Blue Clean

There was another major development in the Cleaning sector in 2006 with the birth of the AR Blue Clean brand, comprising high pressure washers and vacuum cleaners for home and professional use, as well as a line of water pumps and a wide selection of accessories to meet every cleaning need.

Its own and its licensed brands have made Annovi Reverberi one of the leading players in the sector.

The ARXP revolution

Building on the experience garnered in the cleaning sector and its strong flair for innovation, in 2022 the company designed a completely new line of high pressure washers that revolutionises the product as currently found on the market: ARXP.

A brand that embodies the company’s main values: the experience of the past has generated a product that looks to the future, destined to improve the lives of those who use it, and with significantly lower environmental impact. All this is thanks to patented technologies, reduction in the volume of the product and thus the amount of plastic used, recycled paper packaging and optimised transport and distribution.  

Today Annovi Reverberi is a major group operating in the agriculture, industry and cleaning sectors. It is present on five continents and in more than a hundred countries with a network of production sites and sales offices that put it on the spot in local markets, in a strategy of total attention to the needs of end customers. It has sites in Italy, the United States and China.

Its remarkable vigour is underpinned by permanent innovation, relentless research to identify ever more efficient solutions, and the ability to anticipate and embrace market challenges.


To combine Italian craftsmanship and innovation. To continue to innovate our products, matching Italian quality and expertise with our customers’ ever-changing demands.



Our biggest asset. Every result achieved in the last 60 years has been due to the strong sense of belonging that unites us.



We work with passion to guarantee the highest quality of components and service. Durable materials, innovative design and testing of 100% of our products make Annovi Reverberi a fine example of Italian manufacturing expertise.



Our products are designed down to the tiniest detail to guarantee performance in line with our customers’ needs. We lead the way in product customisation and create the right solutions for every application and industry we serve.



Outstanding performance, minimal maintenance and a focus on customer service are the main factors in the success of Annovi Reverberi brand products.



We are constructors whose products originate in craftsmanship. We have combined our own story with our international operating environment, using processes that define the state of the art in terms of production and design technology.



We take great care over the choice of raw materials, recycling and water saving, and have developed more and more environmentally aware production processes to guarantee a sustainable future.