Nowadays, the overriding priority when developing every product is sustainability. We are all called upon to be responsible for the future of the planet, especially when it comes to the use of resources like energy and water.

The XP range includes all technologies available to optimise water and electricity use, so only the amount needed to do the job is used, without waste. What’s more, products’ size is minimised: the volume of the product in its packaging is up to 85% less than for standard high pressure washer versions.

This change means not only reducing the amount of plastic used by up to 50% compared to conventional high pressure washers but also optimising transport of products throughout the production chain. Optimising transport means fewer, more efficient journeys, using less fuel. What’s more, the packaging is entirely in recyclable paper, with no plastic.

Overall, reducing the amount of plastic used in products, using recycled paper and optimising transport means reducing the environmental impact and decreasing the CO2 emissions associated to the production of products in this range.