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Aqua Sweeper is the ground-breaking high pressure washer floor cleaning brush developed by AR Blue Clean. With this very practical, functional accessory, it takes just a click to switch from CLEAN (washing) to SWEEP (rinsing and dirt removal) mode. This multifunction tool delivers 30% more clean surface than a standard patio cleaner, saving you time and energy. Aqua Sweeper is perfect for cleaning outdoor pavings, steps and swimming-pools, for example. Thanks to its 3 nozzles and bristles with high cleaning power, it provides excellent performances, while the wheels and detergent tank with dosing control make the job even easier and more convenient. Here is how this high pressure washer floor cleaning brush works:

  • In CLEAN mode, the combined mechanical action of the bristles and the 3-nozzle high pressure jet removes all traces of dirt with ease.
  • You then switch the accessory to SWEEP mode for rinsing, removing all the loosened dirt and cleaner residues and leaving the surface perfectly clean and shiny.